All you need to know about kombucha elixir in shots

Kombucha shots or kombucha elixir is chock full of great ingredients to make you and your body feel fantastic. The key to maintaining balance in your body is to consume vitamins and good bacteria that help the body feel good, the digestive tract work properly, and the immune system flourish. 

1. What is a kombucha shot?

In short, it’s concentrated kombucha with additional flavors. 

2. Why is it called concentrated kombucha? 

Because we let the kombucha ferment so long that it actually makes vinegar. 

3. What is kombucha vinegar?

That’s kombucha left to ferment so long that the acid takes over the whole flavor profile. 

It’s the same process as making kombucha. The only difference is that once the SCOBY runs out of food (sugar and tea), everything becomes sourer.

4. What do kombucha shots taste like?

The acidic, vinegar taste is not felt when drinking, as the other ingredients cover it up well. 

What’s left is just a slight bit of spice from the ginger, chili, pepper, etc. that we add for flavor and for that kick – all these ingredients have antiseptic effects. 

5. Are there several flavors of kombucha shots?

Of course. AYATANA’s kombucha shots are all based on a mix of herbs and spices, all of which (in addition to the kombucha itself) affect the body positively. At the moment there are two flavors:

Morning Chill, flavored with aroni juice, cranberries, apple juice, juniper berries, and chili; and

Golden Bomb, flavored with apple, ginger, and lemon juice, along with turmeric.

6. How to drink kombucha shots?

Unlike regular kombucha, be sure to shake kombucha shots before drinking, as sediment falls to the bottom. This happens most often with the Golden Bomb flavor. 

Have one in the morning before breakfast to get your whole body up and running. After that have another whenever else you want during the day. They’re great:

  • as a digestif after eating

  • to soothe an upset stomach

  • as an aperitif

  • as an alternative to alcoholic beverages

You can even try making a cocktail with them to cover the taste of, e.g., vodka.

7. How to tell if a kombucha shot has gone bad?

Since it’s a natural, living product, there is the chance that mold could start to form on the surface. If you store your kombucha shots properly, this will not happen. If you hear that classic sound of carbonation when you open the bottle, don’t fret: it doesn’t mean that the kombucha shot has gone bad, just that fermentation is continuing. Kombucha shots only go bad when stored improperly. 

8. Who benefits from kombucha shots?

Anyone who doesn’t mind the slight spice.

9. How spicy are they really?

This depends on your taste. Some people can tolerate much higher levels of spice than others. What you must keep in mind is that it is precisely the combination of herbs, spices, and acid that make such an effective tool in combatting unwanted bacteria in your body. 

10. Are kombucha shots gluten free?

Yes, completely.

11. How many kombucha shots can I drink per day? Side effects and what should I look out for? 

There’s no limit per se, as everyone can decide for themselves how much they like. You can drink them several times a day, e.g. when you wake up and after meals, or just once per day. We recommend listening to your body and making a decision based on how you feel. There are no known side effects – other than the tons of good ones listed above ;)

12. Is there alcohol in kombucha shots?

The natural fermentation process does produce alcohol, which we monitor closely the whole time, so there is (luckily, or sadly, depending on your perspective ;)) no appreciable amount of alcohol in the finished product. 

13. What about sugar? 

Some sugar remains in the kombucha vinegar, but in a completely metabolized version. Such sugar cannot be compared to white sugar. There is no raw or unmetabolized sugar. 

14. How caloric are kombucha shots?

One bottle, which contains 60 ml, has about 13 calories. But the calorie count is not affected just by sugar, as most people think. The main reason for the increased calories is the kombucha vinegar, or acetic acid. Of course the other ingredients added for flavor also affect the final calorie count.

15. What are the benefits of kombucha shots?

Kombucha shots are a mixture of kombucha vinegar, herbs, and spices. The combination of these ingredients does wonders for your digestion, boosting your immune system and giving your body a kick of energy. The advantages vary from flavor to flavor, as the particular mix of herbs and spices is what does the most good for your body. 

16. How to store kombucha shots?

They must be kept in the refrigerator, as they are completely natural and unpasteurized. If not kept cold, they can start to bubble over or change their flavor.

17. How to make kombucha shots at home?

If you make your own kombucha at home, leave it in the first fermentation stage long enough to get a liquid like vinegar out of it. As said above, this means not feeding it sweetened tea for a while. Then add ingredients and delicious flavors as you like. 

18. Where to buy kombucha shots?

Kombucha shots are completely new in Slovenia, and you can get them in our webshop.

Each one of us knows best when we feel energetic and when we feel run-down and lethargic. We recommend having a kombucha shot every day for a few weeks. You will surely be surprised by the effects and the great changes in how you feel. All ingredients are carefully selected, giving you essential vitamins and good bacteria, improving your digestion, and increasing your energy levels. If you do, you will be doing your health and well-being a massive favor.

None of the information found on this website should be considered as official medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All the content found on or accessible through this website, including all the texts, pictures, photography, and other details, are intended for general education and information.

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