Meet Aleksandra, our leader, plant-based chef and a true kombucha girl

My story


I’m Aleksandra Grilc Tomažin, founder and director of AYATANA, mother to two terrific and energetic little girls, and proponent of yoga, plant-based diets, and a balanced lifestyle.

This is how it all started...

AYATANA is a story whose first chapter was written long ago.

AYATANA in ancient Sanskrit meant temple, home, place of rest, or barn. As soon as I read the word and pronounced it out load, I knew that it was the name I wanted to carry forward as my story led to new paths.


Ayatana’s beginnings go back to 2016

That’s when the core Ayatana team opened a new culinary center, launching workshops and launching ourselves headfirst into plant-based nutrition and balanced lifestyles.

The whole time we were planning on expanding into a product line, both physical and virtual.

Starting in 2016, Ayatana became a hub for plant-based diets, with workshops to support that philosophy.


The tipping point in 2019 

In the summer of 2019 we launched a range of largely unfamiliar fermented beverages: kombucha, water kefir, and kombucha shots.

We were the first company to offer water kefir and kombucha shots in Slovenia.

I am beyond proud that our products came from in-house development and production.

I'm very proud of our products.                                     

What's next? 

The story of me and Ayatana is far from over. It’s just getting started.

Our customers’ excitement and positive feedback are what fuels Ayatana with even more motivation, energy, and focus. 

The whole team works together to expand our product line and lead us toward the future.

We strive to satisfy your every desire and need, which is why we regularly introduce new products and online services.

We want to share our knowledge, our recipes, educational videos, and webinars.

All the recipes you find on our website were written and tested by yours truly, and most of them are therefore perfect for the whole family. After all, I have two young daughters at home, too.

In fact, they are my main inspiration for coming up with quick, tasty, and nutritional plant-based meals.

I’m always cooking up something new, pun definitely intended ;) 

Along the way I became a mother twice, and quickly learned that, with enough willpower and with unconditional support, absolutely nothing is impossible.

 Along the way I became a mother twice, and quickly learned that, with enough willpower and with unconditional support, absolutely nothing is impossible. 

You are cordially invited to explore our world. 

I would like you not just to get to know AYATANA but to feel it deep inside. 

I am sure you will find products for all generations, an escape from your everyday routine, lay and scientific articles on a range of topics, and tons of useful tips and tricks. 

AYATANA welcomes everyone!

All lovers of fermentation and those who are still just curious, anyone who years for the beauty and diversity of wholesome nutrition and the energy it gives you.

For many, AYATANA will be the first step, and for others it will just expand upon existing knowledge. 



Check out our product line!

Ayatana’s beverages are alive; they are full of microorganisms that work wonders for your digestion, immune system, and general well-being: kombucha, water kefir, and kombucha shots..

Want something tasty?

What’s on the menu today? Something savory or something sweet? A snack, or a 5-course meal?

We have a whole line of plant-based recipes for every occasion.

Fermentation is for everyone!

Want to know more about the fermentation process?

What happens at each stage and what does that have to do with your well-being?

Visit our blog to read and learn about. it!

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