GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS


                                  Company Information  


                                  Ayatana d. o. o.  

                                  Alpska cesta 43  

                                  4248 Lesce  


                                  Tax ID number: SI31868134  

                                  Company registration number: 7191766000  



                                  Those making purchases bound to abide by the Terms and Conditions valid at the time an order is submitted (purchase).  


                                  User Types  


                                  By registering at or you become a member of the Ayatana online community. You can make purchases on this site either as a registered member or as a guest for quick checkout. 


                                  Registering for the online store gives users a username, which is the same as their email address, and a password. If the user chooses to change their email address or password at any time, they can do so through their online profile.  



                                   Information Accessibility  


                                   Ayatana undertakes to provide customers with the following information at all times:   

                                  – company ID (name, location, registration number, and ID for VAT) 

                                  – contact information that gives the user a quick and effective communication channel (email)  

                                  – the characteristics of potential products or services (including with after-sales service and guarantees)  

                                   – product availability (all products featured online are in stock and can be delivered in a reasonable time)  

                                   – delivery conditions (how, where, when)  

                                   – all prices must be clearly and unambiguously displayed, along with clear indication of whether they include VAT and/or other costs  

                                   – payment and delivery methods   

                                   – duration of product validity   

                                   – the deadline within which you can withdraw from an agreement and conditions thereof; furthermore information on the costs of returning a product to be borne by the customer  

                                   – explanations of the complaints process, including all data about contact persons or other public communications  




                                  All prices in the webshop are in Euros and are valid at the moment of purchase.  


                                  Prices are valid for the payment methods indicated under the conditions enumerated in this document. 


                                  A sales contract is concluded between Ayatana and its customer the moment an order is confirmed (customer receives an order confirmation by email). At that point all prices and other conditions become immutable, becoming binding on both Ayatana and the customer.  



                                  Payment methods:  

                                   The webshop offers the following payment options:   

                                   – by paid invoice  

                                   – credit card (Visa, MasterCard)  

                                   – PayPal  

                                  Ayatana issues the customer an invoice in a permanent format with itemized costs and instructions on how to halt the purchase process and return the product, if necessary and possible.   



                                  The Purchase Process    

                                  If you would like to see what products are available, simply browse our webshop. 


                                  When you find something you’d like to order, just choose how many units you want and click “Add to cart”. When your order is complete, either sign in to continue, or register if it is your first time purchasing with us. You can also complete your purchase without registering; just enter your payment information, check your order once again, and click confirm.  


                                  Ordering steps:  

                                  Step 1 – adding items to cart. Add the item you want to purchase by clicking “Add to cart”. Products are organized by category; you can also find them with our site search engine. Click on a product’s picture for more information. You can add as many items as you like to your cart, packaged in units of 6 or 12 bottles, or in some cases cans.  

                                  When you are done adding to your cart, you can continue with your purchase later, or you can finalize immediately. In the first case your items will be saved for you until later. You can also remove items or change their quantities as you see fit.  


                                  Step 2 – choosing a payment and delivery method (registration, entering your address for payment and delivery). If you are a registered user, enter your username and password in the dedicated fields. Unregistered users fill out the form “Customer info”, where all fields marked with an * are obligatory. Confirm your info by clicking “Complete purchase” – before that choose your preferred payment method. You will receive email confirmation of your order.  



                                  Product Delivery  

                                  Ayatana will send the customer a voucher for their ordered product by email. The ordered items will be sent via the chosen delivery service to the indicated address.  



                                    You will receive a receipt for items and services rendered either along with the package of your purchased items or at your email address. The online order form completed upon ordering is not a receipt. Ayatana stores a digital copy of all issued receipts.  


                                  Duration of Specials and Sales  

                                  The duration of specials and sales is indicated within the sale itself and may differ from one instance to the next.  



                                  Pricelist Validity   

                                  The prices listed at the moment of sale are valid, meaning that the customer’s order gains the status of being fulfilled. All prices are listed in Euros. Prices in the webshop can change without advance notice. The prices are valid for purchase in the webshop. Pictures displayed are symbolic and are not always entirely indicative of actual dimensions or other details.  






                                  Protecting Personal Data   


                                  Ayatana endeavors to permanently protect all users’ personal data. Ayatana stores for an indefinite period the IP addresses of all customers in its webshop , including: full name, email address, phone number, primary and delivery address, country of residence, time and date of purchase, and an archive of all communication between the customer and Ayatana.  


                                  Ayatana uses personal data solely for the purposes of completing orders (sending informative materials, offers, receipts/invoices) and other necessary communication. Under no circumstances are users’ personal data given to unauthorized parties. Ayatana will delete such personal data after the legally prescribed time period. 


                                  Users themselves are also responsible for protecting personal data, specifically by choosing a safe username and secure password, along with using appropriate anti-virus protection on their own computer.  


                                  Complaints and Conflicts  


                                  Ayatana respects and adheres to valid legislation regarding consumers’ rights. To the best of its abilities Ayatana is undertaking to fulfill its obligation of establishing an effective system of handling complaints, appointing a dedicated employee whom customers can contact electronically in the event of conflicts.  


                                  Last updated: Lesce, 8 July 2020  

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